Steps To Getting The Job Done

Posted by Lulu on 7th Mar 2015

Did you know that it only takes a day to take an order from a customer and get the order done?

Here at Krown Sports we have a 16 steps process to outline the process for getting an order done on time and efficiently. At Krown we are dedicated to getting the job done on time and on time.The 16 steps are simple and easy to follow along to:

1.Take order, info, deposit

2.Place material order

3.Create artwork & layout

4.Artwork approval

5.Artwork separations and outputs

6. Degrease & prep screens

7.Coat screens & set to dry

8.Expose coated screens

9.Rinse out image & set to dry

10.Tape & block out screens

11.Set and align screens

12.Print according to color sequence

13.Inspect, count, and box

14.Breakdown ink and tape removal

15.Reclaim screens

These are the steps to ensure that we are doing our job and leaving our customer fully satisfied with the product. I hope that this gave you guys an insight on how we complete our orders here at Krown Sports.